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Why Buy Your HID Kit From HID Lighting?



We sell nothing but top quality HID Kits, all our kits are plug-in-play design, with two advance HID digital ballast. Our kits are easy to install, and last longer then knock off brands sold by other HID companies. All our hid kits are manufactured under the most strict quality control within a ISO-9001 certified factory.


We offer great customer service! You can reach us by email, or just give us a call, day or night! And if some reason we don't pick up, we will return your call as soon as possible!


Here at HD Lighting, we are quick! Almost all our orders are shipped out the same day! Just make sure you place your order before 5pm(EST) Monday - Friday!


Low prices are always a plus! We strive to give the lowest price we can, and still sell nothing but high quality HID kits!All are kits are manufactured under the most strict quality control to insure you get a great product! And you know are hid kits are a great quality because they are sold with advance digital ballast.


Online Security! Did you know most of the online HID companies do not secure your personal information? All our orders are done through PayPal, which protects all your information at all times! Also HD Lighting will never give out any of your personal information to anyone, this includes your email, and phone number.

Why is a Digital Ballast so great vs a standard ballast?

Digital ballasts are the next step in HID lighting, they are more efficient, cooler, and put less wear and tear on the bulb. Digital ballasts don’t have the usual transformers, capacitors or igniters, instead they have electronic circuitry, which means they are more efficient and more advanced. The standard style HID ballasts are hard starting, this means when the ballast fires, it sends full power to the cold bulb. Over time this shortens the bulb life and reduces visibility. Digital ballasts are soft starting, this means when the ballasts fires, its starts by sending a low amount of power to the bulb and steadily increases power over the next minute until the bulb is to its maximum brightness. This gives more life to your HID bulbs, more vivid colors, and gives your more visibility!