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Chevrolet Avalanche HID Kit

HHK - Complete HID Conversion Kit

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The rough Avalanche needs a tough lighting system. HD Lighting sells nothing but top quality digital HID kits. Our xenon lighting systems come stock with a digital ballast which is more advance then a regular ballast from the other guys. Our digital ballast has  Soft Start Technology which means, when you turn on your lights, the ballast sends a small amount of energy to the hid bulbs, till they reach full brightness. A standard hid ballast sends full power to the hid bulbs every time you turn on your lights, this will tear down your bulbs quick, causing them fail soon. The Avalanche HID Kit comes in a range of color temperatures like; 6,000k , 8,000k , 10,000k , 12,000k , which are all in stock and ready to ship out today!