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Acura Integra HID Kit

HHK - Complete HID Conversion Kit

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The Acura Integra is one of the best selling vehicles for Acura, and is also very big in the import world. The integra is small and compact, and parts are easy to come by, making it a big car for aftermarket parts. Our Integra hid kit would be an added bonus to your Integra already great design. Our hid kits will give you added safety for those dark nights, as the light beam has a bigger spread then an original halogen bulb. The Integra hid kit comes with a digital ballast, so you know our kits are top of the line hid kits. Alone with the digital ballast, the kit comes with everything you need to add your hid kit to your stock hardware, making it easy on you, and keep the resale value of your vehicle.